About Ardec

Present Time

Ardec has now evolved into an authentic Lebanese restaurant, whilst maintaining the original Ardec name. We are proud to continue the legacy of Ardec for quality and service and have retained many of its existing features. We decided to revisit the past and restore the original Ardec signage along with the tiled entrance and wooden frontage.

The interior design has been kept very traditional with fully refurbished oak wood flooring. We wanted to create a warm and welcoming ambiance with oak-lined walls and ‘Old Master’ paintings. The lighting is a mix of chandeliers and soft spotlights invoking a relaxed atmosphere for fine dining.

There are two levels of dining at Ardec and an open kitchen where all our dishes will be freshly cooked. Upon entering the restaurant, you will be warmly greeted and seated at the bar area to peruse the menu whilst awaiting your table.

We aim to entice you with a taste of the Middle East through our varied and exciting dishes in keeping with the traditional Lebanese cuisine.

A Brief History

Ardec began as a bespoke tailor shop in 1925. It was a family run business, specialising in men’s clothing and eventually branching out to homeware and accessories. The name was derived from the family home, the “Cedars”, named after the Cedar trees that surrounded it. The Cedar tree, also known as “Cedrus Libnani”,  originates from Lebanon and has adapted to mountainous climates where they receive winter percipitation. The tree is found in the Lebanese flag and is part of the reason we decided to retain the Ardec name. Cedar is a symbol of purification and protection and represents incorruptibility and eternal life. The original name application was for RADEC (cedar backwards) but there was a shirt firm locally called “RADIAC” therefore they decided on “Ardec”, an anagram of cedar. It was originally opened by Cecil Oakes and traded for 87 years passing through 4 generations. We are proud to carry on the name of ‘Ardec’.

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